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Friday, January 14, 7:30 PM, 77 Massachusetts Ave, room 3-270, Cambridge, MA

Lori Lubeski and Jeanette Landrie

Lori and Jeanette will present their poetry/photography collaboration

collaboration: from has the river of the body risen

Lori Lubeski is the author of Dissuasion Crowds The Slow Worker, obedient, a body, and Sweet Land, a collaboration with bay area printmaker Jakub Kalousek. Her poems have appeared in Talisman, Art New England, Chain, Five Fingers Review, and Lift, and are forthcoming in Traverse magazine. She just completed a collaborative project with artist Jeannette Landrie. She teaches at Boston University and Curry College.

Jeanette Landrie has a background in the visual arts with an A.S. in Graphic Arts and a B.A. in Cinema and Photography. She received her M.Ed. (concentrating in Postsecondary Special Education) from Curry College, and works as a Learning Ability Specialist in the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) at Curry College. She is particularly interested in fostering creative and critical thinking skills in her students, as they become more independent learners. Jeannette has an intuitive understanding of those who learn differently, and focuses on building her student's metacognition through verbal and visual expression.